The Grass Is Greener With This Drying Rack

Toddlers generate a lot of dirty dishes. My 2 1/2-year-old son is constantly requesting a sippy cup, a bowl of crackers, taking a bite from a blue fork, then deciding he wants to eat (and will only eat) with the red Thomas fork.

Well, washing and drying dishes just got more fun -- thanks to Boon Inc.




This bright and stylish drying rack is designed like a patch of fresh cut summer grass. It pokes with flexible blades of green that securely hold forks, spoons, sippy cups, pacifiers and other tot accessories.

How it works: Water drains into the lower tray while dishes air-dry. The PVC and phthalate-free two-piece accessory is dishwasher safe and promises to add character to any kitchen counter top. No promises, but it may even prompt older kids in the home to lend a hand with those dinner dishes.

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