Preschool Graduation Memory Book

preschool graduation
Flickr photo by Paul Shultz
Preschool graduation is upon us, and while my daughter practices her graduation songs, I've been searching for a way to celebrate.

A graduation party for a 4- (almost 5-) year-old seems over the top. And with a June birthday, I think she'll be partied out (I know I will) by the time the actual ceremony rolls around.

So what else do you do at the end of school?

How about making the rounds with your yearbook?


In a private school of 15 kids, they don't have yearbooks. But I've been inspired by this post over at OhDeeDoh on making a simple blank book for your tot.

It's an activity to do together -- Mom or Dad have to do the basic assembly, but then the book is their's to decorate.

And in our case, I'm encouraging her to take it to school, where her classmates can practice their newly learned name writing and plaster on stickers. We'll print out the photos she took when we let her bring her camera to school for show and tell, along with photos of classmates from birthday parties, soccer games and more, and voila -- an instant preschool graduation keepsake.

If nothing else, it's a project to keep my mind from getting too caught up in what this mile marker means for our family!

How will your family celebrate preschool graduation?

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