Vacation With Kids: Make Them Carry Their Stuff

Carry Her doll carrier
Photo from Amazon
Our recent trip to Disney sounded something like this:

"Mommy, can I take my pony with me to the park?"

"Are you going to carry it?"


"All day?"

"No, you can carry her too."

Too, huh? More like every second AFTER we left the hotel room. Fortunately I was a few steps ahead of her -- ah, the power of the product.


First up was something sent to The Stir: the Carry Her ($19.95).

Slung across the back like a backpack, it's got arm and leg holes specifically meant to carry a doll wherever they want to go. And since she wanted to cart her American Girl everywhere, and you know who wasn't carrying it ... you get the idea.

Worth springing for is the matching backpack FOR the doll -- which you can stuff with their little accouterments (or ponies, ahem) and stick on the back of the doll. Did I mention how I outsmarted the kid?

Hitting the pool I was able to convince my daughter the doll should remain in the room, but that little matter of the extra towels to carry was easily fixed thanks to the Towel Buddy Bags I found at The Children's Place ($10 on sale).

The beach towel folds up into its own bag, with strings for their back -- and if you fold it right (I had to do that; it was a little much for my daughter), they can even fit a drink and sunblock in there.

Do you end up carrying the kids' stuff on vacation?

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