Green Potty Training: Cute Organic Training Undies on Sale

potty training underwear
Photo from Hanna Andersson
One way to get your toddler excited about going potty is to get them some cute undies, but if he's not quite ready for real undies, trainers may be the way to go.


I love these Hanna Andersson organic cotton Training Unders because they come in fun designs (for boys and girls), and the crotch is thick and durable. If there's an accident, it will be more of a mist than a downpour.

My daughter loves wearing them, and I love that they're now on sale: $20 for a 3-pack (normally $28) at Hanna Andersson.

That's so much more eco and economical than throw-away pull-ups.

What kind of training pants does your toddler wear?

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