Space-Saving Toys: Radio Flyer Does 2 in 1

Radio Flyer Skoot 2 Skate
Photo from Radio Flyer
Ever estimated how much space your kids' toys take up in your house? Depressing, isn't it?

The "adult" space is disappearing fast.

And it's made that much more depressing post-spring cleaning. All that space you thought you'd cleared up ... gone.

Hence my ardent appreciation for any toymaker who can combine two toys into one.

And Radio Flyer has done it two times over this spring.


Best known for their little red wagon, they reminded The Stir they're more than just wagon-makers by letting us take some of their other toys for a spin.

Confession: They're now taking up HALF the space in my shed that all four toys would have if I'd had to buy them separately.

The Scoot 2 Skate ($48) is just as the name implies -- a scooter, which can just as easily be a skateboard when you remove the handle. For the kid who's begging for a skateboard but whose mom is terrified she'll fall and break her head open, perhaps?

The 2 in 1 Trike or Twist Trike ($79.99) doubles as a tricycle and a big wheel (although I get the sense that's a trademarked name -- they call it a "chopper"). Once put together (a fairly easy process, I promise), you loosen a clamp and twist, and you have the chopper.

The clamp is hard to open, which can be looked at as a positive (it won't fly open!) or a pain in the neck, but NOT having a big wheel AND a trike in my shed is all I care about.

What are your favorite 2-in-1 toys?

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