The Best Toddler Sandals for Summer: Keen

Keen sandals for toddlers
Zappos; $45
Looking for great summer shoes that your toddler can wear most anywhere? Check out Keen sandals for toddlers.

While I love flip-flops for myself, I feel like they're tripping accidents waiting to happen on my children. So I love that these Keen Newport H2s provide a more sturdy and safe sandal option that stays put on one's foot.

They're well-made, waterproof, and cute to boot. Your basic perfect summer shoes.


Every year since he was a toddler, I've purchased a pair for my son. He's worn them in lakes, oceans, and creeks, through mud and in rain puddles, and they've never been any worse for the wear. I've actually been able to hand each pair down to a friend because they're still in great condition, even after everyday wear.

Now, I can't wait to buy them in pink(!) for my daughter who's finally walking.

Have you tried Keen shoes?

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