The Skills Every Kid Should Learn, Bunking With Baby

Flickr photo by easement
It's spring; so have you stopped to smell the roses with the kids yet? Slow down, hit the outdoors, and enjoy your kids:

  • Teaching your tot about kindness and respect is good, but have you taught them how to remove that chocolate stain yet? Here are 50 life skills every toddler needs to grow up right. -- MOMformation
  • Toddlers and babies take up so little space; two in a room sounds like it should work. But does it ever? These moms could use your help on bunking baby with big brother (or sister). -- RookieMoms
  • We've sprung into bug season, but you can keep the critters at bay without compromising on their health. No, really. -- MomFinds
  • The slow family life sounds too good to be true; but some moms are making it work anyway. Hint: Take time for the classes, you'll slow down. -- Yahoo! Shine


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