Sexist T-Shirt Alert: I Like Shiny Things Just Like Mommy

offensive t shirtSometimes you see a t-shirt for a toddler that makes you wonder: Where is PETA with their buckets of paint when you need them?

You don't have to be a feminist to be riled up by a candy pink tee that says, "I Like Shiny Things Just Like Mommy!"

You just have to have a brain ... and you can't carry it in your pocketbook.


Let's break it down for you:

A. Little girls don't need to think about shiny things (or sparkly things for that matter). I'm rather offended by grown women who place serious value in the size of their rock as it is -- do you really want to teach your daughter that a guy's only worth it if he can put a really big ring on it?

B. If you're old enough to be "Mommy," here's hoping you don't go giggly when someone waves something shiny in your face. Or maybe that's how you ended up a Mommy?

C. She's your daughter; are we shooting for a scholarship or a stripper pole in her future? You decide.

Sure, it's just a teeny tee they'll grow out of in five seconds (after you spent $27.99 on it), but who wants to explain that picture to her when she's 16?


Image via Shirts4Squirts

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