Chocolate for Kid Connoisseurs

moo kids organic chocolate
Photo from Moo Kids Chocolate
My 2-year-old is a chocoholic. She hasn't even had all that much, but apparently she has the gene.

Whenever she's given a rare choice of treats, she'll go for chocolate every time. And then, for a few minutes, I lose my little girl.

Her eyes glaze over and she quickly and intently goes to work making sure she gets every drop of chocolaty goodness in her little mouth. And then she wants more. She just can't get enough.


Moo Kids Chocolate looks like it'd be worth a try. It's organic (a must for me) and different crunchies are incorporated into each of its four bars -- graham crackers, corn flakes, granola, and rice crisps. The only one of those that appeals to me is the rice crisps, but I'm sure my daughter would love them all! She's not so good with sharing anyway.

The downside: Moo chocolate isn't available online so you have to find a place near you that sells it. If you get to try some, let me know what you think.

Do you give your toddler organic chocolate?

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