Is Levi McConaughey's Hair Too Long?

levi mcconaughey
Photo by Splash News
Levi McConaughey, the 22-month-old son of Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves, looks like he's never had a haircut. My 29-month-old daughter still hasn't had one either!

Levi's long locks remind me of Ryder Robinson (son of Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson) who just had his very first haircut -- at the age of 6.

I think long hair on little boys looks cute (I even like it on some hunky men). Maybe Levi's could use a little brushing, but I'm not one to judge -- I know all too well that toddlers and brushes don't always mix.

What do you think about long hair on toddler boys? Is there an age at which you think a boy should have short hair?

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