Picky-Eater Solution: Critter Sandwiches

Photo from Spoonsisters.com
Have a picky eater on your hands who refuses to eat nutritious sandwiches -- and, ahem, crusts? To the rescue: Critter Cutters.

My 2 1/2-year-old son JD loves when I transform a typical grilled cheese sandwich into an elephant -- and thanks to these innovative and cutesy cutouts, I'm not wasting time hand-slicing a trunk and legs that, let's face it, will likely end up looking like a blob oozing with yellow cheese. Yuck! This mom won her daughter's affection by making ham sandwiches.


Bonus: These fancy sandwich-cutters are actually taller than standard cookie-cutters, so they cut through both pieces of bread without flattening your sandwich. Shaped like a dolphin, butterfly, dog, and elephant, your tot will be turning down lunch trades left and right at the picnic table this summer.

(The details: Dishwasher-safe. Made of ABS, USFDA-approved food-grade virgin plastic, BPA-, lead-, and phthalate-free. The cutter and packaging are 100 percent recyclable.)

What tips can you share with moms of picky eaters?

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