I'm Not Ready for Potty Training

When I had my first son, I succumbed to a bad habit of comparing his development to other children. You know, I'd read on someone's blog that their kid was eating 15 servings of green vegetables a day, was walking at 7 months, and could pronounce "antidisestablishmentarianism" — and I'd peer worriedly at MY child, who was doing something like wearing a pan on his head and happily banging it with a spoon while eating fuzz from the carpet and singing, "GA GA GA GAAAAAAAA," and I'd think, Hmmm.

I didn't find the comparison thing to be an issue the second time around, because a few years of parenthood had taught me that 1) no matter what exotic, nutritious meals your little MENSA candidate eats as a baby, she'll eventually go through a frustrating phase where she'll survive on Saltines and oxygen molecules, 2) mobility is nothing to look forward to unless you just can't wait to lose the last shred of sanity from your overtaxed brain, and 3) the early walkers and talkers usually end up in the same place as the late walkers and talkers: running and yelling just fine.

However, I've been thinking about potty training lately, and it's only because I've been hearing other parents talking about potty training. Some of the bloggers I read have kids the same age as my youngest (younger, in some cases), and it seems like everyone's kid is eager to ditch the diapers — or at least the parents are.

I keep thinking that maybe I should be working on potty training too, but the truth is, I have no desire to do so yet. My boy, who turned 2 in February, consistently sneaks off for some alone time when he contributes a, um, Special Package in his diaper, so in some ways he's ready. In others, I'm not so sure. He's shown no interest in the potty, and right now he's firmly mired in that horribly obstinate stage of toddlerhood, where everything that falls outside of his approval zone is met with NO and I DON'T WANNA and oh my god with the screaming and the tantruming and did I mention the screaming?

Do I really want to start the burdensome process of potty training, with everything it entails — all the trips back and forth to the potty, the tearful refusals, the collateral damage to the floors and furniture — all the while knowing it might take a full year before he's ready, as was the case with his brother? With no interest on his part yet? 

Hell no, I don't. Still, I can't help thinking about other families who may be done with diapers months before we'll be, and think, Hmmm.

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