In Love With Ella Moss for Girls

Bloomingdale's; $68
Ella Moss
is one of those lines of clothing that produces pieces I know I'll love before I even try them on. I love their patterns, colors, and fit -- for me and for my daughter.

Lately, I've been seeing more Little Ella for toddlers popping up in more department stores and boutiques, which is great. It comes in super-soft cottons and simple, casual-but-cute styles with just a hint of trendiness.


It's pricey, so I stalk the sale racks for it and buy ahead for seasons to come. Just this weekend I got an adorable Ella Moss dress for my daughter. It was originally $77, but I snagged it for about $24 at Bloomingdale's.     

If you ever see me and my daughter in matching mother-daughter outfits, this is the only line I can imagine them being from (and it still probably won't happen).

Do you like Ella Moss for toddlers?

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