Jonathan Adler Junior Collection: Decor for Kids

jonathan adler junior
Jonathan Adler Junior Addison Chair; $995
My daughter is fast approaching 2 1/2, and we just bought a new house so it seems like the perfect time to change her room from baby to big girl.

I've never been known for my quick decision-making so you'll all have to bear with me as I lust over new decor finds in my quest to get her room just right.


I love the chair shown here from Jonathan Adler's new Junior Collection.

Let's just take a minute to admire it.


I'm not sure if pink and fancy girlie is the way I want to go, which is a good thing because it's way over my price range.

And I still don't know what my daughter's bedroom theme is going to be, but I'm already racking up the imaginary bills from my window-shopping "purchases."

Still, inspiration is what I'm after. Send me your ideas.

What does your toddler's room look like?

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