6 Words on Why Moms Matter

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I adore this, and so will you.

Women ONE2ONE's campaign, Six Words on Why Moms Matter, honors moms around the globe, but is also helping to raise awareness of the struggles many mothers are facing every day.

The idea is to capture what a mom is, using only six words. When I visited the site, the campaign had already received close to 8,000 six-word memoirs on why moms matter -- from celebrities, politicians, social activists, and people just like you and me.


I hope you've got a lot of time on your hands because you're going to want to go to Six Words On Why Moms Matter and read them all. Plus, you've got to add yours to the list.

Here are some to give you the idea:

"It all starts with your mother." -- Jessica Alba

"To nurture lovingly, beautifully, joyfully, eternally." -- Kate Hudson

"Love is what mothers do best." -- Christy Turlington Burns

"Success or failure, mothers always love." -- Cindy McCain

"Mothers raise daughters, sons, the village." -- Malaak Rock

"Mothers are there when others are not." -- Rep. Carolyn Maloney (NY)

"Carrying heaviest loads with lightest hearts." -- Dana Perino, former White House Press Secretary

"Mothers give birth to the future." -- Linda Prestwidge

"Pink lipstick embracing all, recklessly passionate!" -- Holly Patton

"At delivery, a mother is born." -- Ttrejo

"I still miss her every day." -- Liz

Here are some of mine (once you get started, you can't stop):

Deserve the most, take the least.

You were right more than once.

Clean underwear left me without regret.

What's yours?

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