Toddler Talk: Brady on Turning 4

Every week at Toddler Talk, we'll interview a tot on current events or topics of interest to kids (and adults) everywhere.

This week, Brady, who just turned 4, tells us why it's so much better than being 3.


You just had a birthday -- how old are you now?

How old were you before?

Do you feel any different?
I feel like a pancake. I feel sad too.

Do you look any different?

In what way?
Because my face is red.

What can you do now that you're 4 that you couldn't do when you were 3?

I can get dressed, but not when I was 3. I couldn't play guitar when I was 3, but now I can. But I need a guitar out. Mom, I need a guitar out so I can play guitar. I couldn't play this kind of game [pointing to a board game], but I can do everything now! I couldn't put my shoes on when I was 3, but I can now. When I went to the gym, I took my heel out, but I got it back in!

What did you do to celebrate your birthday?
Mmm [shrugs].

You don't remember?
No ... um ... play at Little Gym with the best friends I want to play with ... Jonathan. But now I play with everybody!

What was your favorite present?
All of them ... all kinds of them.

How long do you plan on being 4? 
Six days.

What's the best part of being 4?
Not hitting my friends.

When will you have another birthday?
In April 26th [his birthday is actually on the 27th].

How old will you be then?

One, two, three, four, five ... FIVE!  I'm gonna be five! I'll be five! Then, my next birthday, I'm gonna be six!

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