Potty Training: Diary Day 2

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The potty-training journey sometimes feels lonely -- the friends who crowded around to cuddle your newborn aren't volunteering to clean up accidents on the bathroom floor.

So The Stir is making it easier with a little help from a potty-training mom Jane (not her real name), who's working up 3-year-old son Sam (not his either) for the days when he'll be diaper-free.

We heard how Sam's first day went, but did the progress keep up?


Day 2: Sam sat on potty, no pee.

Went outside one hour in undies. His undies were just a bit damp when we came in, so he must have started to go and stopped himself. He knew if he peed his pants we'd have to go inside, and he loves being outdoors.

Jungle Junction, nothing.

After dinner he begged for a diaper and said he had to pee. I moved the potty into the bathroom and reminded him of the new deal, no diapers after naptime, so he'd have to use the potty. After a lot of dancing around, he finally sat on the potty but still wouldn’t go.

All the while Little Sister was trying to sit on the real toilet, climb into the bathtub, etc. Quite a distraction. Sam was whining and asking me to help him go potty, saying he wasn’t sure what he was supposed to do.

Thankfully right then Dad came home from work and was able to take Little Sister into the other room. As soon as he did, Sam was able to focus better on what he needed to do. I sat on the floor with him while he was on the potty and told him he needed to sit calmly, take a few deep breaths, and just pee. We started naming all the kids we knew who are out of diapers, and while we were chatting, he peed!

Only day two, and I feel his attitude toward everything is positive. He generally doesn’t complain about sitting on the potty, so I feel like he really wants to do this, but needs to figure out on his own schedule how everything is supposed to work.

Normally we don't watch much TV in the afternoon, so I'm aware that he's smart enough to manipulate me into letting him watch TV if he just sits on the potty. But since it's only day two, I'm not too concerned about the extra time with the boob tube. I'm happy how things are progressing so far.

In the evening, Dad installed the new toilet lid on our toilet seat so Sam has his own seat that flips down. He was excited to see it and sat down on it (clothed) and said, “This is great! I won’t fall in!”

We'll see how he likes it tomorrow!

Did you see a major change in the first few days of potty training?

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