Baby Diner: Help for Mealtime Mess

Mealtime with my daughter is a mess -- literally, figuratively, any way you look at it.

Some of the mess comes honestly from her attempts at feeding herself, but a lot of it is because she throws and drops her food, bowls, cups, and anything on her tray just to see what happens ... or possibly to see how many times she can make mommy clean the floor.

Here's a great product designed to help make mealtime less messy -- the Baby Diner.

Check out the hilarious commercial, which my daughter so could've starred in:


Basically, it's a suction device that secures any cup, bowl, or plate to a high-chair tray or table. Unlike some products I've tried in the past, this one seems to be unmovable to even the most persistent toddler.

Oh, and it's free. You have to pay $7.99 shipping and handling, but there's no actual cost for the product.

Of course, at this point my daughter would still just take the food out of the bowl and throw it, but that's a much slower-moving mess than her pouring out the whole bowl at once. And it does prevent flying plates from injuring others. Baby steps ...

Have you tried the Baby Diner?

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