My 2-Year-Old on Her Mama

I hit the happiness jackpot when I became a mother. So this Sunday, Mother's Day 2010, I really won't be expecting any fancy gifts -- I'll just be incredibly grateful.

It might sound funny, but ever since my daughter was born, I've felt she was older and far wiser than me. She's already taught me so much, and she makes me laugh every day.

I'd like to say I "sat her down" for an interview, but "chased her around the house" is far more accurate. Here's what she thinks about motherhood -- and me.


Me: Do you want to be a mama?

Clara: No! I want to be a baby.

Me: What do mothers do?

Clara: Work.

Me: What do they do at work?

Clara: Jobs. I don't like mama work.

Me: What else does mama do?

Clara: Clean. Clean the floor all up.

Me: Do you like when mama cleans the floor?

Clara: No, I like messy. Mess it up. Mess, mess, mess.

Me: What else does mama clean?

Clara: Books.

Me: What does mama cook for you?

Clara: Mama makes eggs!

Me: What does mama look like?

Clara: A fairy!

Me: What's your favorite: Mama or i-cones or kitties?

Clara: I-cones and kitties!

Typical. I work, clean, and cook for the kid, but she still loves "i-cones" (cupcakes) and kitties more than me. I guess that officially makes me a mom.

At least I look like a fairy.


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