"Tooth Fairy": Toddler-Appropriate?

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The tooth fairy has been dominating the conversations in my household -- despite the fact that my kid is a good year to two away from losing her first.

With older cousins already raking in the cash for their losses, we hear on a near daily basis, "I think it's loose."

It's not. But enter The Rock, Julie Andrews, and their fresh-to-DVD this week flick, appropriately named Tooth Fairy.


Rated PG, it's been hailed as a "family film," so I slipped it into the DVD player and settled onto the couch to watch with her.

If you can't lick 'em, I figured, join 'em.

A quick aside -- the movie is about a minor league hockey player, Derek Thompson (Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock), who has been nicknamed The Tooth Fairy for his propensity for knocking out other players' teeth. My daughter watches real hockey on TV with my husband, so the violence didn't strike me as inappropriate for toddler-dom. But if your child has never watched real hockey, you might want to have a little chat about players getting knocked around.

Thompson's nickname becomes his real gig when the head fairy -- Julie Andrews -- has him hauled in for "killing dreams" -- aka telling kids that fairies aren't real. You know where this is going: Big, strapping man in a fairy costume and lots of silly antics.

Silly is exactly what this movie is, and exactly what I like watching with my daughter.

So we sat and watched -- giggled at Billy Crystal, oohed and awwed at Julie Andrews, and had a much-needed talk about when it's appropriate to lose those teeth. Big kid-dom awaits, but those little placeholders serve a purpose.

As long as you watch it with them, Tooth Fairy satisfies their taste for all things big kid.

Is your toddler convinced their teeth are loose?

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