Toddler’s Snatched Sandwich Goes Too Far!

girl with lunchbox
Photo by Momof3cuties
I'm all for schools encouraging healthy eating, but this sandwich-snatching story out of the UK is ridiculous.

Poor little 2-year-old Jack Ormisher went to his nursery school with a lunch his mother packed for him, only to have it taken away from him by school officials because it wasn't deemed healthy enough. The offending item wasn't chocolate nor potato chips nor a cupcake; it was a cheese sandwich!

Officials said if it had contained lettuce and tomato, they would've allowed it, but since it didn't, they took it, leaving Jack in tears.


His mother, understandably, removed him from the school.

I'm pretty strict with what I allow my children to eat, and I consider a cheese sandwich a great choice, especially if it's on wheat bread -- there's calcium and protein and whole grains. And interestingly, the school's list of approved foods for lunch includes things like potatoes and pasta, which, unless it's whole wheat, isn't the healthiest of fare -- unless they require it to contain lettuce and tomato too!

But the bigger issue here is how involved schools should be in what parents feed their own children. Improving school-provided lunches is one thing (go Jamie Oliver!), but going further into families' own refrigerators at home just crosses the line in my opinion.

I'm fine with schools banning certain foods, like candy or chips, but to try and dictate what's healthy enough inside each lunch box leaves too much room for interpretation and too much of a Big Brother taste in my mouth.

Do you think the school went too far by taking Jack's sandwich?

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