The Perfect Birthday Present for Toddler Girls: "My Very Own Fairy Tale"

my very own fairy tale book
My Very Own Fairy Tale; I See Me
My Very Own Fairy Tale is a magical story about a group of fairies that's deciding who their fairy princess should be. Each fairy uses an adjective to describe the girl who should be the princess (smart, generous, unique), and at the end, they realize that they've all been talking about the same person: The recipient of this personalized book.


The book helps the child learn how to spell her name (first and last), and there's a "fairy patch" filled with fun facts about berries and flowers.

You can also include a personalized inscription on the title page.

It's a great gift for a special birthday girl.

To see a sample of the book in its entirety, take this virtual tour.

I See Me also has other great personalized gifts for girls and boys.

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