Toddler Activity Time: Cars Matching Game; $8.43
I picked up a new activity toy for my 2 1/2-year-old son this weekend: Cars Matching Game. (He loves the movie.) I'm pumped -- it's the first game we can play together.

Sure, we push trains around the train table, paint side by side every Sunday morning, and build epic block towers, but this is an actual game -- where there's a winner (and OK, it's usually my kid, but still, what a milestone). Here's how to play.

One to four (or just two, like JD and I) players sit on the floor or at the table. All the cards are laid out, picture-side down. If your tot is like mine, he'll love *matching up the car characters and racing to see who wins!

*Now, I'll be honest, at first my son didn't exactly get the game, so I flipped the cards and revealed all of the cartoon cars. He happily matched the sets one by one with careful thought -- it was thrilling to see him understand what pictures looked exactly the same. This is a great game for teaching and enforcing colors too.

What types of games do you play with your kids? Have you ever adjusted the rules to help your little one along?
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