Throwing Out the Toys: How to Make It Work

Flickr photo by jonfeinstein
The task of throwing out your kids' toys is fraught with challenges.

You don't want to turn your kid into a hoarder, but you also don't want to make them live on edge that their bestest friends are going to up and disappear on them.


MomLogic gives a good primer on ways to weed out the overflow without your kids freaking out, and we thought we'd add a few more:

1. Tell the truth -- It's broken. The cat puked on it (ewww). Whatever it is, instead of the toy disappearing overnight, kids will often deal better with its loss if you've taken the shine off of it with one of these explanations. 

2. Refuse to replace the batteries -- The most annoying electronic toy begins to lose its luster after a week of having to make your own caterwauling. Or it forces them to use their imagination -- if the latter happens, it might be worth keeping. If it's the former,  it probably wasn't a great toy anyway.

3. Go for the age breakdown -- Toddlers tend to be very sensitive to the "big kid" stuff vs. the "baby" stuff. Be honest with them about the must-go stuff that they've grown out of, hopefully citing a baby they can give it to. Don't, however, try to take their favorite toy by shaming them out of it -- this is only for the really useless stuff.

How do you get rid of old toys?

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