"Flicka 2": Horse Movies Win the Little Girls

Photo from Wal-Mart
It almost doesn't matter whether Flicka 2 is a good movie or a poor one.

The minute my 4-year-old saw the giant poster at the front of the local Wal-Mart (shhh, we don't have much selection out in the boonies), she was squealing.

"Mommy, a horse movie!"



The horse is strong with this one. With most little girls these days, it seems.

We had My Little Ponies. They have them PLUS Butterscotch the $299.99 pony PLUS Melissa and Doug's Pasture Pals.

I'm not quite buying Anna Freud's take on girls and horses: "A little girl's horse-craze betrays ... primitive autoerotic desires (if her enjoyment is confined to the rhythmic movement on the horse." But there's no denying the power of the pony.

Couple that with the story of a young girl ripped from her home, sent to live with the dad she hasn't seen since she was a baby (where have we heard that one before?), and saved by this almost mystical creature, and you have the stuff that makes little girls go crazy ... and their mothers roll their eyes.

I couldn't sit through Flicka 2, but my daughter asked immediately, "Can I watch it again?"

Being sold only at Wal-Mart, the straight-to-DVD movie is being sold alone or coupled with the first Flicka, which featured both a different cast and different characters. It'll hit shelves May 4.

Will your horse-crazed toddler be begging for it?


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