5 Reasons Not to Skip the Nap

Flickr photo by Ateo Fiel
Skipping the nap is awfully tempting, isn't it?

That kid is fighting tooth and nail and insisting, "Not tired, Mommy, not tired." If you give in, that awful screeching will just ... stop.

Come on Mom, you don't want to let the 2-year-old win, do you? Trust us, you don't. Here's why:


1. Napping helps them learn. A new study out of Harvard Medical School finds that a 90-minute nap -- especially one that features dreaming -- can significantly boost the brain's ability to remember things in the learning process.

2. Napping makes up for a bad night. Your tot was up in the middle of the night with molar pain or growing pains? Science says the nap really can undo the damage. And just think of the extra growth (basketball scholarship anyone?).

3. Napping helps the heart. A mid-afternoon nap has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease by as much as 40%. Siesta baby!

4. Napping is good for your sanity. No scientific studies, just old-fashioned experience tells us the time our kids spend napping can be the difference between descending into a weepy puddle on the kitchen floor and actually getting a shower in today. Don't just do it for them -- do it for you.

5. They look cute when they nap. The little hellion who just flushed two rolls of TP down the potty and tried to flush the kitty too might make you consider a basket, a firehouse, and a sign that says, "My name is ... " but you could never do that to a sleeping angel, could you?

Are your kids still napping?

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