Toy Shopping for Boys Gets the Best of Me

Photo from Fisher-Price
Toy shopping for little boys might just top clothes shopping for little girls.

I had directions from the mom -- hit the Fisher-Price Imaginext toys; he loves them.


I don't buy into the gendered toy approach. My daughter has a slew of trucks, which she actually plays with, I might add.

But I'll admit the Imaginext line is rife with greens and browns that have traditionally screamed out "boy" to me -- so much so that I've never given them a second glance, moving quickly to the glittery My Little Ponies shining just across the store.

Until this directive and then the arrival of a sample toy from Fisher-Price to test out for The Stir: Spike Jaws ($19.99) turns kids' arms into the neck of a dinosaur, a sort of plastic puppet that made my daughter giggle.

Multi-gendered appeal? Looks like a line I'd definitely have to hit for the birthday boy.

I'm glad I saw this before the huge Spike the Ultimate Dinosaur that I found in the store for a hard-to-swallow $122 (one Amazon seller even has it up for the unthinkable $199). Prices overall on the line at Toys R Us made me swallow hard -- but the new toys are irresistibly fun. 

Is this what shopping for little boys is always like?

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