Kid-Free Wedding: Should I Go?

Flickr photo by Ha-Wee
The kid-free wedding invitation. Ick.

You respect the rights of the bride to plan her own wedding. But there's that little part of you that says, "Listen b--ch, way to throw a monkey wrench into my life; who wants to see you get married anyway?"

Trust me -- I know.

I got one of those invitations last week.


And I don't really think she's a b--ch.

I even want to see her get married -- after all, she was the maid of honor in my wedding almost 10 years ago. I've got nothing but warm and fuzzies when you put her name and "wedding" in the same sentence (I'll refrain from the details -- they tend to be barf-inducing in their sweetness).

So it sounds like I'm the big ol' b-word in this situation, right? I mean Gawd, I'm expecting someone without kids to do back-flips just because I opened my legs? No wonder the child-free hate us breeders.

Fair enough. But destination weddings suck with a capital SUCK.

This would all be simpler if we lived in the same town or even the same state. 

As it is, she lives in Virginia and is getting married in North Carolina ... and I live in New York. Which means a day to drive down, plus a day to drive back, plus the wedding -- at least three days to leave our toddler with a sitter up here in NY.

My parents both work; they could only babysit on the weekends and at night. My in-laws are in yet another state -- not an option at all.

Since this is a destination wedding, she can't recommend a sitter in the town of the wedding -- not in the way she could if it were in her hometown (where I once lived and could probably rustle someone up myself). And I'm not comfy calling up the local chamber of commerce and saying, "Hey, can you find a stranger to watch my kid?"

We're still trying to figure this one out, but I'd love some advice.

Do you skip kid-free destination weddings on principle? Make it work because you adore the happy couple?

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