Daycare Drama, iPhone to the Rescue: Life With Toddlers

Flickr photo by nattu
Toddlers are dramatic, and they turn life around them into a whirlwind.

  • Case in point -- the daycare drop-off drama isn't for the faint of heart. Do you ever feel like your kids are playing you? -- Yahoo! Shine
  • The advantage to living in a small town is chances are small that I'll one day be stuck in an elevator with my toddler -- but it's good to know the iPhone is your own personal lifeboat if this happens. -- Momversation
  • We tell our kids to always tell the truth. But sometimes in those parent-to-parent moments, it's all about telling them what they want to hear so we can save the drama for home with the kids. -- LilSugar
  • Paying a little extra to cut the theme park line might save your kids from screaming, but is it going to create line drama anyway? -- Strollerderby
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