Lelli Kelly Shoes: I Love Them, Not the Commercial

Zappos; $73
Long before I ever had a little girl, I wanted to buy Lelli Kelly shoes.  

Designed in Italy, they come in amazing colors, complete with jewels and sparkles and pizazz. If they came in my size, I'd scoop them up immediately. (Note to Lelli Kelly: Why don't they come in my size? With a slight wedge heel, please?)

Little girls love them and all that bling twinkling right there on their toes. My 15-month-old daughter actually squealed when I showed her a pair.


Fueling the fondness for the cool kicks is the Lelli Kellys commercial blitz during children's TV programs, which has little girls begging their parents for a pair of the pricey shoes. They typically run between $60 and $80 a pop, which is a pretty painful pop if your tot hits a growth spurt and is only able to wear them for a short period of time.

I suck with a bedazzler, though, so trying to replicate them isn't an option for me. And I've been able to find Lelli Kellys on sale at Nordstrom Rack for around $25 -- much better.

To get a better look -- if you've somehow been able to avoid it -- here's the commercial, which some people despise. (Warning: Don't view unless you want the song stuck in your head.)

I'm not a fan of the cell phone/makeup case (at ALL), and I may blow up my TV (or at least shriek loudly) if I hear the commercial one more time. But all in all, I'm still in love (or at least strong like) with Lelli Kelly shoes ... as long as they're on sale.

Have you purchased Lelli Kelly shoes? Would you?

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