Potty Training: How Much Money Will You Save?

Flickr photo by anyjazz65
Potty training doesn't just provide relief from constant diaper changes; it can provide a little relief for the wallet.

When I realized we were no longer shelling out for those giant boxes of diapers at the mega store, I almost considered buying Mama a new pair of shoes. I could have ... and some pretty sexy ones for that matter.



If you're putting off the potty business because you just can't find the time, this might change your mind:

No more diapers to buy.

No more wipes.

No more diaper pail refills.

Even if you're cloth diapering, you can cut your electric bill/water bill for the reduction in constant washing.

Now let's hit the numbers.

According to CostHelper.com, that's $60 to $85 a month for disposable diapers.

Or 50 cents to $1 per load of laundry (and how many loads are you doing?).

True, you now have to buy extra toilet paper -- because they won't master the whole "grab a few sheets" trick for another 14 years. But considering toilet paper costs the average person around $50 a year, even doubling that puts you hundreds of dollars ahead.

Yes, I said hundreds.

Makes you want to potty train, doesn't it?

Have you sped up your potty training efforts to cut household costs?


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