Potty Training Boys: A Sit or Stand Start?

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Hi, my name is Chrissy and I'm in potty-training hell. My son, who turns 3 in August, isn't into doing his business in the bowl -- at all.

As a single mom with no grown-up male in the house, I can't show him how to, ahem, stand and aim at those bright Fruit Loops. And this begs the question: When potty training a boy, should he sit or stand?

Here's what the experts have to say:


"Sitting down is best because toddlers have trouble controlling the bladder and the anal sphincter separately. It's much simpler for them to combine both urination and bowel movement as a single 'going potty.' Once they get 'going potty' completely mastered, they can learn to separate number one and number two," advises Anatoly Belilovsky, MD, director of Belilovsky Pediatrics.

If your son is like mine -- he needs to eat breakfast in his Dora bowl and loves his gray sneakers best -- then you know following his lead is a good idea. Pull-Ups Potty Training Pro Jen Singer agrees: "Boys should start out with whatever they're most comfortable doing. If he starts out sitting, he can always switch to standing when he's more adept at using the toilet."

(Full disclosure: I have two awesome brothers who've shown my son how to ... stand and pee. I eat my son's potty-training M&M's at night. In my bed. While watching bad reality TV.)

Let's face it -- every kid is different. I took note of the above advice, but now I'd really appreciate your first-hand mom advice.

Did your son go for a stand or sit start? Did he switch it up?

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