5 Fast Food Toys They Should Ban -- Now

Flickr photo by daveparker
A California legislator is trying to ban the toys suckers parents get with their kids' fast food meals.

He's concerned about childhood obesity. I'm just concerned about my sanity.

If the following toys don't make you jump on board with the ban, you're a moron saint.

  1. The useless toy. Strange meatball-shaped talking thing hanging off a key chain, we're looking at you. Whatever you are??
  2. The toy that repeats the same phrase ... over ... and over ... and over. The real cause of toxic waste? Parents everywhere throwing these out the window as they drive down the road. 
  3. The toys that pinch. You can get toys for kids under 3, but what happens when your kid is 4, quite responsible, and still ends up getting her fingers caught in the dino's mouth? Women aren't bad drivers; women driving with a kid who emits a sudden scream in the backseat are bad drivers.
  4. The toys with lots of pieces. We love us some Word Girl in our household. We don't, however, love us teeny weeny Word Girl flashcards strewn across the backseat.
  5. The recalled toys. Did you know those little hunks of junk traditionally rank high on the recall lists? And they put that next to the food? It's hard to say which is more disgusting.

Are your kids frenzied for fast food toys?

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