Mother's Day Crafts: Candles From the Kids

Photo by Spoonful of Sugar
Let's face it, chances are good you'll get either a candle or a kid craft for Mother's Day this year.

So why not put the two together?


The Spoonful of Sugar ladies, a mother/daughter team from Perth, Australia, convinced me that all we'll need for granny's gift this year is a plain candle and some paper and glitter.

You'll need a candle -- plain white and jar-less works, and relatively tall and squat is easier for your kids' fingers to work with.

Set out paper, stickers, and glue, and let them get to work.

They make a great centerpiece, but a word to the wise -- remove the pretty covering before you burn the candles, lest you start a fire. Save the candle sleeves to put on other candles or wrap it around your flower vase.

Do you count on Mother's Day to refill your candle assortment?

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