Toddler Rain Boots: Adorable and Artsy

toddler rain boots
Farm Scene Boots; Gummies
These are quite possibly the cutest rain boots I have ever seen -- each one is like a mini work of art. Kiwiana boots, were created by Tessa Jones, a mother of three who wanted to start an at-home business. Looks like she done good.


The boots are eco-friendly (made entirely of natural rubber) and they feature fun New Zealand-inspired drawings by cartoonist Mark O'Brien -- kiwis, sheep, pukekos, and snow-capped mountains.

toddler rain boots
Hobby Farm Boots; Gummies

You can order the Farm Scene and other designs online at Gummies for around $28; the Hobby Farm boots are now on sale for around $20.

The dowside: The rain boots come from New Zealand so you'll have to pay about $22 to have them shipped overseas.

For some, a small price to pay for their toddler to puddle jump in the cutest boots in town.

Thanks to Growing up Green for the lead.

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