Birthday Party Craft Station

birthday party
Photo by Prudent Baby
I love birthday parties where the moms kids get to do crafts. So much fun.

Prudent Baby's 2-year-old daughter Scarlet had an amazing Indian elephant-themed birthday party, and they set up a craft station so all the kids could make their own little elephants.

They used washable paints, crayons, stickers, and other fun decorations to create beautiful little elephants that looked like this:


paper elephants
Photo by Prudent Baby
According to Prudent Baby's party craft station how-tos, it's easy to put together and doesn't cost much, and kids of all ages can partake in the fun.

So festive. So bright. So creative.

I wonder what they'll be doing for Scarlet's third birthday?

Do you set up craft tables for your kids' birthday parties?




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