ThredUP: Online Kids' Clothing Swap

Hand-me-downs can be great. Unless they're not. Like when a well-meaning but fashion-challenged friend gives you garbage bags filled with clothes for your toddler, and then says she can't wait to see them on.

But thredUP's hand-me-downs are always genius -- because you get to pick 'em.


ThredUP is an online kid's clothing swap, where you can browse by gender, age, brand, and season. You choose a box of clothes, which is yours for free, but you have to pay for shipping. You also have to agree to list a box of your kid's outgrown gear for every box you receive.

Membership is free, but for $29.99 a year, you can get a Pro Membership, which gives you access to detailed clothing item views, unlimited friends, clothing recommendations, and more.

If there's ever something in a box that you don't like, you can quietly pass it along to someone else, and you won't be hurting anyone's feelings.

The site is invite only, and now you've now been invited. Click here to accept your thredUp invite.

You can learn more in this YouTube thredUP video.

Does your toddler wear hand-me-downs?

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