Toddler Sandals: A Sneaker-Sandal Combo My Son Loves

Photo by Geox

Summer is upon my two-year-old and me — and that means lots of long, lazy days in the park. Did I mention HOT days in the park? I hate to be a mommy killjoy, but flip flops may keep little toes cool as cucumbers, but they don't keep them safe!

I found a solution: Geox gifted my son a pair of sneaker-sandals — and oh baby, I'm sold.


The genius shoe combines stylish fashion and comfortable technology, making a rare hybrid of chic, functional footwear and apparel while carrying out its revolutionary idea: to deliver breathability. Anyone with a toddler knows how sweaty and funky little feet can get, especially if yours is like my little guy — always on the go, go, go!

How it works: Geox offers the innovative and patented porous sole with a fibrous insert that draws sweat from the foot while keeping water out and feet dry and cool. In kid’s terms, this means they can jump around in puddles and splish-splosh at the beach and still have dry feet!

What are your toddlers wearing on their feet this summer?

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