Toddler Sleep Will Prevent Drug Addiction

Photo by Falisha2
Want a drug-adled teenager? All it takes is totally ignoring your toddler's sleep needs, and you too could end up on Intervention, wringing your hands and wondering why me.

Researchers are now putting the blame for teens with a taste for the bong on their toddler years -- when they didn't get enough shuteye.


Tracking kids from 3 to 20, they found those with early sleep problems were twice as likely to have trouble with drugs or alcohol.

Unfortunately the researchers at Idaho State University don't give us a clue why it happens (so you can still scream like Nancy Kerrigan if you're already there).

But they theorize the kids who don't develop good sleep habits as tots end up self-medicating as teens to make their sleep-deprived bodies feel better. 

Hey there, there's nothing wrong with an occasional glass of wine to turn everything off, now is there? After the kids go to bed, of course. . .

We already know good sleep is good for fighting childhood obesity. The thought that it will make for a better teenager is only another incentive. Hey, I have a daughter, I hear the teenage years are going to be hell.

Have you found your childhood sleep issues haunting you?

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