Spring Means More Children Driven Over by Cars

Flickr photo by The U.S. Army
Warmer weather means more kids playing outside -- and more tragedies.

Non-profit group Kids and Cars estimates 44 percent of all non-traffic motor vehicle fatatilies for kids under 15 are from backovers, 17 percent are killed by "frontovers."

And here we go again -- a little boy in the Philly area suffered severe injuries this past weekend when his dad accidentally drove over him, a 1-year-old was backed over in Texas on Easter.


With my daughter and the neighbors' toddler running around the neighborhood thanks to the nice weather, I'm back on heightened alert every time I put my car in gear. Even just moving my car down the driveway to give my daughter space to chalk, I make her jump in for a ride.

Between the pre-school parking lot, the youth center parking area and my own driveway, I'm becoming a bit obsessive about a pretty dark subject. Considering the numbers overall are a little less scary -- 34 kids have died this year in non-traffic motor vehicle incidents -- I should probably stop hyperventilating and just get on with my day.

But I can't.

Call me paranoid. Call the men in white suits.

I don't care.

I prefer chalked up suns and trees on my driveway to chalk outlines.

Do you think twice before you put your car in gear?

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