Shiny Disco Leggings: Day 11

shiny leggings
Kids Shiny Legging; American Apparel
I admit to getting a little (okay, a lot) out of control when it comes to buying clothes for my daughter. I spend way too much money and buy many more things than she could possibly wear: a Burberry dress she's worn only once; a cute silk Marc Jacobs dress she wore, oh, maybe twice; and some clothes, it shames me to admit, that still have price tags, and which she's long since outgrown.

I know I have a problem, but girls clothes are just so cute -- and everything looks adorable on her. I'm living out my own fashion fantasies vicariously through my two-year-old. So shoot me.

But now I have even less of a reason to overspend on clothes or even to buy her anything new at all: She insists on wearing the same pair of American Apparel shiny blue faux-leather leggings Every. Single. Day.


No matter what I pull out for her to wear, she'll say, "No, mama, shiny blue ones," and go running off to find them.

The good news is that (so far), she'll wear different shirts with the leggings, and yesterday I even got her to put a dress on over them. As long as she has the leggings on, she's good. I don't know how long this shiny blue legging obsession is going to last or if she'll ever move on to a new favorite. But I'm thinking, with all the money I save on buying clothes for her I can buy something for me, and make some of my own fashion dreams a reality.

Does your toddler have a favorite outfit or piece of clothing that he insists on wearing every day?

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