The Great Toddler Bikini Debate

toddler two-piece swimsuit
Roxy Flower Power Two-Piece; REI
It happens every year -- the sun comes out, the weather gets warmer, and the bathing suit battle begins. The issue: Two-piece suits for toddlers.

Some moms think that bikinis "sexualize" little girls and turn them into sex objects.

Let me get this straight: The colorful two-piece shown here will turn my 2-year-old daughter into a sex object?


I seriously doubt it -- but that's not the reason she won't be wearing it.

My toddler will be wearing a one-piece this summer because I want to expose as little of her gorgeous, alabaster skin to as few of the sun's harmful rays as possible (sunscreen isn't 100% effective). I'm a former tanning addict who completely destroyed her skin; I'm trying to save my girl from suffering the same fate. But enough of safe skin practices -- and back to sex.

I'm imagining a 2-year-old with her round little belly hanging out, digging in the sand and splashing in the waves. She's giggling, having fun. Joyful? Yes. Sexy? I just don't see it.

Do you?

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