A Toddler's First Hair Cut

toddler hair cut
Flickr photo by Kevin McGrew
My daughter doesn't have a lot going on in the hair department. For the past year, she's been sporting a very stylish mullet, which we usually put into ponytails (instant cuteness). But her hair still hangs in her eyes.

"No bangs!" she says, any time I broach the subject.


This is because once, when she was in Trader Joe's with her dad, she saw a photograph on the wall of a little boy sitting in a barbershop getting his hair cut. He was screaming bloody murder. It didn't help that her father let her stare at the photo for, oh, 10 minutes. My daughter was traumatized.

She is now convinced that getting her bangs cut will hurt. Thank you, Trader Joe's. And thank you, too, Daddy.

I really don't care if she has bangs or not, but I think she's getting frustrated having her hair in her eyes all the time. Hair clips, bows, and the like, are not options -- I'm lucky I get permission for the ponytails.

Yesterday, she took out her little nail clippers and started to "make believe" cut her hair. She told me she was "trimming her bangs." I asked her if she wanted me to cut them. "No," she yelled. "No cut bangs!"

Her hair is growing, and it's almost to the point where she can put it behind her ears so maybe it will all work out.

Still, I'm dreading the day when I have to take her for that first hair cut. You're supposed to do that when they're 18, right?

Has your toddler had a hair cut yet? How did it go?

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