Fiesta Flops -- Bad News Shoes!; $19.95
Crocs are bad enough, but these -- these Fiesta Flops -- are beyond bad.

From fish to pineapples, footballs to a Rastafarian's face (I kid you not), your child can flop around in these ridiculous, oddly shaped shoes.

Sure, they may like them, but they also may like Spongebob, and there are some lines that just shouldn't be crossed.


Not to mention, they look like colossal tripping hazards. I know my toddler would bite it within minutes of putting them on; I certainly would.

But I can assure you this won't be a problem for my children, because I would NEVER allow them to wear them (and this is one occasion I'm pretty OK with breaking my never-say-never rule).

I fear, however, the masses at theme parks and tourist destinations across the country that surely will soon be flopping around in them along with their fanny packs.

If you're a fan of these "shoes," the good news (for you) is that they start in toddler sizes and go up through adult sizes so all the feet in your family can get in on the action. I can see the holiday cards now ...

Would you let your child wear Fiesta Flops?

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