Flu Shot Declared Safe For Kids With Egg Allergies

Flickr photo by epSos.de
Parents of kids with egg allergies got some good news this week -- the flu shot has been declared safe for their tots.

Considering the CDC now recommends kids get the flu shot every year from babyhood on, this could affect a significant amount of Americans.


Eggs are one of the top food triggers of allergies in Americans, according to the National Institutes of Health. Because the seasonal flu vaccine is grown in eggs, people who suffer from an allergy have long been told to skip the shot.

But the new study in the journal Pediatrics notes there's such a minuscule amount of egg protein in the shots, it's not as big a deal as once thought.

Researchers told Reuters doctors can inoculate kids with a tenth of the flu vaccine to test kids' reaction, then follow up with the remainder of the shot if the kids show no problems.

My toddler has never shown an egg allergy, so I'm happy to say this was never an issue in our house. She's gotten the shot faithfully each year, as have I.

Will this enable your kids to be safer during flu season?

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