Tom and Jerry Tales First Season Hits DVD

Amazon; $14.99
I didn't know Tom and Jerry Tales had actual seasons.

Why I thought the shows of yesteryear were that much different from today's, I don't know, but there's a disconnect created by years of watching random cartoons at the pediatrician's office or on Boomerang.

Then I got a press release: Tom and Jerry Tales, the Complete First Season, is coming out on DVD this month.

That's the kind of news that requires an era-appropriate exclamation. So here we go: jumping june bugs!


I'm going to come right out and say it -- I loved Tom and Jerry as a kid. Although we didn't have television growing up, we saw the cartoon cat and his mouse foil more than a few times when we were out and about.

The much criticized violence -- one of the reasons some parents tell me their kids don't watch Boomerang -- didn't turn my brother or I into mass murderers. Heck, I don't even spank.

So I'm letting my daughter watch all 13 episodes on this two-disc set. It's a walk down  memory lane for me, some complete and utter silliness for her.

Do you share the old cartoons with your kids?

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