What to Do With All That Easter Candy?

Photo by Korkor
Sure, it was fun playing Easter Bunny, stuffing the basket until it overflowed.

How could your child's childhood be complete without Peeps; and everyone must have a giant chocolate bunny;  and well, of course, jelly beans are just a given; and ... now you live in a sugar-laden lair of temptation.

If you're like me, your toddler will soon forget about his basket's bounty, but you won't until every last delicious chocolate egg is long gone.

Once you've emerged from the saccharine-induced hangover, here are a few ideas to get rid of all that Easter candy:  


1. Here's a great recipe for a leftover candy cake. Make it, then give it a neighbor or teacher.

2. Do a fun science experiment with your children. Let them unwrap all of the candy and put it in a big dish. Put it in the oven and watch it melt into one big glob. If they want to try a bite or two, fine, but most of it will definitely be going in the garbage.

3. Donate the candy to a shelter. Tell your children to pick x number of their favorites (perhaps one piece a day for two weeks-which will seems like quite a bit), and the rest is going to a good cause.

4. Freeze it and pull it out next month for May Day baskets.

5. Take it to work, or if you don't work in an office, send it to work with your husband! Employees become vultures when it comes to free food in a break room.

6. As for all those Peeps, you could make a Peeps brulee. For reals.

What do you do with your child's leftover Easter candy?

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