"Friends" Who Think Your Parenting Sucks; You Can Ban My Kid From Flying When You Stop Burping in My Face: Links I Love

Photo by JSVD
Are you friends with someone whose parenting style radically differs from yours? She scoffs at people who don't circumcise, thinks giving a kid candy borders on child abuse, and uses a leash to rein in her tot. In short, you're complete opposites, and she's always laying on the mom guilt (indirectly, of course). How do you keep the friendship going? Why the hell would you want to? One mom shares her story. -- Motherlode

You want to ban my kid from flying on airplanes? Awesome. One mom will agree to that just as soon as they ban all the non-stop talkers, armrest hoggers, stinkers, cussers, creeps, and drunks. Oh, do I love how she thinks! -- Yahoo! Shine


Some moms force their toddlers to hug and kiss their friends and family -- even when it's clear they don't want to. My mom was one of those. She still makes me, and I'm an adult. (Hi, mom!) Moms have different takes on this -- some say it's no big deal; others think kids should trust their instincts. What do you think? -- Momversation

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