Circumcision: A Man's Decision?

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I don't have a son so I've never had to make the circumcision decision. I know which way I'd go, but that's neither here nor there.

And in Madatom blogger Jacob Harper's opinion, it's irrelevant what any mom thinks because moms should not be the ones making the decision of whether or not to circumcise their kid.


Circumcision is a hot topic -- so much so that my toddler mom friends are still talking about it years later. Some regret their decisions (both those who did and didn't circumcise their sons); others are convinced they made the right choice. Usually the dads stay out of the convo (though I'm sure they partook in the decision).

Harper is one guy who isn't the least bit shy about sharing his opinion. In his blog post "Living the Dream: Uncircumcised in America," he writes about being in the "freaky hooded minority," but says that he's proud not resentful.

Sure he had to deal with being different from the other boys while growing up and, yes, he wondered why his penis looked like a "pink doggy dick." But now Harper is on a mission -- he wants American moms to stop "carving up baby weiners cause it's trendy."

He writes: "It’s almost never men making the decision about their own cocks; those tips were snipped way before the men could have a say. Men in America are circumcised because their mothers wanted their cock to look a certain way. Think about that: a country of dicks sculpted on orders from Mommy. But unlike the bad haircuts Moms give, dicks don’t eventually grow out."


So, in an "ideal" world  ...

Mom: "Honey, it's me, mama. Sweetie, do you want to be circumcised?"

Baby boy: "Gurgle. Gurgle. Ga. Goo." [poops in diaper, makes sucking sound, burps]

Mom: "Okay, punkin, that's exactly what we'll do. Now, about those vaccines ..."

I do think Harper's post is hilarious and I enjoyed reading about circumcision from his perspective, but what he fails to appreciate is that making decisions that affect their kids' lives is what moms do every day -- on things that go well beyond haircuts. Sometimes it's just not practical to wait 18 years and let your kid make a life-changing decision on his own.

Do you think some big decisions are outside a mom's purview? Or do you think it's a mom's right to make certain decisions for her kids -- even those the kid herself might not ultimately agree with?

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