Hello Kitty Birthday Cake: It's So Easy!

hello kitty birthday cakeI'm a pretty good baker, but a terrible cake decorator. Perfect little roses? Never gonna happen.

When my daughter said she wanted a pink kitty cake for her second birthday, I was happy to give it a whirl.


Here's how I made it:

I brought a picture of Hello Kitty with me to a penny candy store, and picked out some sweets that looked right for the eyes, nose, whiskers, and bow. I made a round cake and shaped it into an oval. I used the cut-off bits to make the ears.

I wanted to make a two-layer cake, but I ran into some trouble there so stuck with just one layer (more talented bakers should have no problem with two).

I frosted the cake; stuck on the candy, and there you have it ... a not half-bad Hello Kitty cake, and one very happy two-year-old.

What kind of cake are you planning for your toddler's birthday?

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